Intuit by Touch first started in April when we were freelancing as sale representatives for Curaloe (Pty) ltd.

The market soon became saturated with sanitiser that contained cheap ingredients to enable suppliers to sell at the cheapest prices. Complaints about such sanitisers became common. Curaloe sanitiser contained aloe vera and had their signature aloe scent, never compromising on their quality. It was picked up on by many who tried it. Compliments about how there is no smell of alcohol and how their hands feel moisturized after use resonated with us and inspired us to take it a step further.

The next month Intuit by Touch was born with the arrival of our first sample testers- this time a spray with the addition of quality ingredients that are good for your skin. Essential oils, aloe vera and fragrances were added. We joined the sanitising revolution. Moving away from a sanitising experience that is harsh on senses (touch, smell and sight). Changing that and giving the consumer the sanitising experience they deserve-feel good, look good and smell good. 


From the Intuit team, welcome to the sanitising revolution ;)

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